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When less is more: Is 2022 the year of temp work?

When less is more: Is 2022 the year of temp work?

​For a long time, temp work has been looked at as simply a passing through point to something better. A legitimate working option, but not a first choice. It was widely considered – and reported – that those working in temporary roles were underemployed, and would take a more permanent, full-time job if the opportunity presented itself.

What a difference a pandemic can make.

The ongoing domino effect of the COVID pandemic has meant huge shifts for employees, employers, and work environments in general. After accepting the 9-5, office building, heels and suits, 4-week annual leave version of work for so long, a huge number of Australians are deciding that maybe work should look different.

For many, full-time work isn’t the dream anymore.

Less is more

While we didn’t plan for or even necessarily want the changes to our work lives that we experienced during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean we’re desperate to get back to ‘normal’. In fact, most people have decided they like the changes they’ve seen, and think it should continue.

There’s been a power shift, and employees have jumped into the driver’s seat. They want more – or maybe just different things – from their jobs, including:

·        More flexibility

·        A bigger focus on wellbeing

·        More control

·        Fewer hours

Some businesses are pivoting to offer it, some aren’t yet. So, many employees are putting themselves first and searching for greener pastures.

And while many are leaving jobs, most aren’t leaving the workforce entirely. Suddenly, there’s demand for less structured and less time-demanding work. Which is why 2022 is tipped to be the year people flock to temp roles.

The benefits of temp work

Temp work is finally getting its moment. As hundreds of thousands of people start reassessing how, where and when they work, the benefits of temp work have become more recognised, and the demand is growing.

No matter your reasons for change, temporary roles can benefit you. For example, they can allow you to:

Work less

The US is leading the charge on the great resignation, and stats show that 13% of Americans who have quit their jobs so far have done it for better work-life balance – to gain back more time to spend with family or pursue other interests. If you still have the desire to work (maybe you love your industry, or still want to contribute to something meaningful) but you want to work fewer hours per week or month, temp work is the perfect middle ground.

Work differently

If you’re considering a change in career or industry, temp work is a great way to get a foot in the door – or simply to get a taste before you fully commit. It will allow you to gain some experience, build your resume and make some valuable connections. If you do want to work full time in a new industry, it can also be a good path to get there.

Work on something else

A third of those who quit their jobs in the States in 2021 did so to start their own business. By the looks of things, us Aussies aren’t far behind. If you’re looking to start your dream business or pursue a personal project, temp work can allow you to have some income on the side until your new pursuit takes off.

Work on yourself

The last two years have been hard on everyone. It’s no surprise some people want a break to focus on their own health and wellbeing. That might look like slowing down, following a passion, getting involved in charity or going back to study. Temp work can offer some financial support while also allowing you the time to spend on yourself – however that might look.

Opportunities are waiting

We might all have preferred that the events of the last couple of years never happened. But we can’t deny that out of bad situations, positive things can arise. The opportunity to change how our work lives look is one of those things.

Temp work is no longer a step on the journey to something better. It’s the destination. And the opportunities are out there.

If you’re considering making a change to how you work in 2022, take a look at what a temp role can offer. BWS Recruitment currently have a number of temporary roles available across corporate, customer service, and disability sectors. You can view all job opportunities here.

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