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Tips and Tricks to Remain Productive When Working From Home

Tips and Tricks to Remain Productive When Working From Home

Tips and Tricks to Remain Productive When Working From Home

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the world it is forcing us into a “new normal”, and part of this is, a large majority of the working population are now working from home. With the right effort, you can stay productive while taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

Below are some tips and tricks on how you can remain productive when working from home. It is important to remember that going about your work life in a new way can lead to positive shifts and growth.

Designate and create a workspace

Set up an area in your house to use as your workspace. When you sit down in this space it sends a clear message to your brain it’s time to focus. Similarly, try to stay away from your designated workspace when you’re not working.

Obtain a quality desk and chair – we all know the importance of a good chair! We sit for long periods at our desks and we need to ensure we are sitting in a chair that supports our back and posture throughout the day. Having your workspace in natural light – near a window, will also enhance your productivity (you may just need to watch out for monitor glare!).

Plan your work

  1. Maintain regular work hours – take the time to go about your normal morning routing, take a shower, get dressed for the day and have breakfast
  2. Set a schedule for the day and structure your day like you would in the office
  3. Come up with a detailed to-do list that’s broken down into categories based on importance
  4. Maintain regular breaks

Stay connected

Communicate with your colleagues on a daily basis. Using platforms like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp allow us to stay connected with each other easily.

Keep active

Schedule daily exercise. This will help to get your endorphins flowing – keeping you motivated, creative and productive.

Create an eating plan

Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time – such as the night before, or at the beginning of the work day. This prevents you from working to the point of hunger, then scrambling to eat anything you can get your hands on…. It also helps prevent you wanting to eat everything in the house!

Take a break

Remember to schedule breaks and take time away from your desk. Re-charge and stay hydrated.

If you can, take a short walk…. this can be particularly helpful in times of stress, or when you are feeling frazzled or indecisive.

Children at home

  • Plan your children’s daily activities to ensure they remain occupied (if they are of school age, teachers will have planned lessons and learning tasks for your child’s day)
  • Created a designated workspace for your child/ren
  • Communicate with them about when Mum and Dad need to work and spend quality time with them during breaks
  • Try to enjoy the closeness – you may never have this opportunity again

Get in touch

Get in touch with a mental health professional or find someone who is supportive and can help you manage your feelings, especially if these feelings are getting in the way of your productivity.

In addition to making sure your work gets done, take care of your physical and mental health as well during this sensitive time. We are all in this together, and we will come out the other side stronger than we have ever been.

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