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Tips To Achieving A Healthy Balance with Work

Tips To Achieving A Healthy Balance with Work

Becks Wiggins Stokes would like to take this opportunity to spread awareness of the health status of men worldwide, particularly in light of the COVID19 pandemic.

Men in most countries generally have poorer health status than females. Overall, men’s life expectancy is shorter, they are prone to more accidents, and more take their own lives compared with women.

We recognise men’s health is a critical issue worldwide and we want to use our platform to affect change in the way men’s health is portrayed, to promote more sensitivity towards men’s needs.

Our General Manager, Leon Cutler has provided some insight into how he tries to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Work and life was previously understood as two separate parts of ourselves, the lines have blurred and both impact the other.

How do I balance work and personal time?

There is no right or wrong answer to the question, as everyone will be different. Some Men will work 20 hours a week and others will work 80 hours a week, some will think they have the balance exactly right, and others will feel they need to make adjustments, but can't.

“Getting the balance right between work and "personal" time is similar to people wanting to lose weight, i.e. the same diet is not going to work for every person”.

You need to find the right diet that works for you, the same as you need to find the right balance that works for you, your work and your family. From lemon detox diets, keto & every other variation of food versus exercise, I have tried most if not all.

Here are some tips that work for me, and might work for you.

The key for an energised and focused work day

  • Make sure you get enough sleep and ideally walk as much as you can into the office rather than drive door to door

  • Eat and hydrate often, taking a walk, or even better a walking meeting will keep you energised

  • Set smaller tasks, particularly with major projects so you can track progress and feel like you are progressing

  • Work to a list, so you can assess your contribution and ensure you deliver on important as well as urgent

  • Create measurable fitness goals, get a fitbit or hold yourself to account for making goals real, I never thought I could do a marathon until it became a personal challenge & saw the results

  • Set aside time to re-energise, walk through the park or along the river versus a busy main road to replenish before arriving home

  • Listen to your partner, they know you better than anyone else and can support you through understanding your current headspace

  • Set your alarm an hour before going to bed, turn your phone on flight mode and close your bluescreens

  • Everything can wait for the morning and you will feel so much better for it too

 What small changes can you make to improve the balance in your life?

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