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7 Tips On How To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

7 Tips On How To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

​7 Tips On How To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

29 October 2018, By Jessica Inteman

As recruiters we know very well top candidates don’t stay in the market long. There is an increasing need to speed up the recruitment process as an ‘active’ candidate may have 2-3 interview processes running concurrently.  This is particularly true in a candidate short market where industry or technical expertise is in high demand.


By improving the time it takes to appoint new staff you will:

  • Reduce the cost of having a vacant position.

  • Give your business a competitive edge against other employers in your sector.

  • Have a higher chance of employing top talent in the market.

  • Demonstrate to your potential new employees, that your business is organised, efficient and dedicated to finding the right fit.


Here are 7 tips to improving your hiring process:


1.    Revisit your talent pipeline

Assess whether there is a suitable internal candidate for the vacancy. 


2.    Go to market with a clear plan

It is critical to improve your time to appoint without compromising on quality.    

  • Be clear on the job brief, relevant skills, experience and attributes you are seeking.  

  • Have an up-to-date and approved position description and contract ready to provide candidates.

  • Set-up a timeline process in your calendar; scheduling first round and second round interview times and inviting the relevant panel members. 

  • Ensure there is a quick turnaround from first round to second round interviews.  For hard to fill roles or lower level roles consider only conducting one interview.

  • Be clear with candidates throughout the process around the timelines to keep them engaged.


3.    Have a simple application process

Try not to complicate the application process for the candidate. If there are too many steps or it is a timely process, you may lose the top talent as they will opt to apply for a role with an easier application process that doesn’t hinder their time.


4.    Return phone enquiries

I find the best candidates sometimes like to have a discussion before applying.  The phone conversation gives you the opportunity to get to know the candidate better, understand their wants and if they have experience aligned with the role and lastly you can encourage them to apply sooner.


5.    Start screening candidates as they present

As mentioned, candidates are generally interviewing between 2 – 3 roles at the one time. Our tip is to screen and contact the candidates as they apply. Why? So you can make contact with the candidate and your business can be in the forefront of their mind when they are considering what role to choose.


6.    Speed up the reference check process

  • Ask your preferred candidate for their two referees, including their mobile number, position and best time to call.

  • Some consultants suggest referencing prior to the second-round interview. Many candidates generally do not wish to have their referees contacted unless they are the preferred candidate, so we suggest you conduct the references after the last interview is conducted.

  • Conducting references after the interviews allows you to check any concerns or barriers to appoint that may have been raised in the second interview.


7.    Ensure you follow up the verbal offer with a contract within 24 hours.

  • We suggest you send the contract to the candidate as soon as possible.

  • If the candidate has to wait over 24 hours to receive the contract, you run the risk of them receiving counter offer from another business who has provided them with the contract. 


Reduce the risk of losing your preferred candidate, by ensuring you implement the above 7 tips on how to speed up your hiring process. You want to ensure you portray to future employees that transitioning into your business is a seamless one and not disorganised. Organisation and preparation are key when hiring a new employee.


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