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How Do You Make A Lasting Impression With Your Recruiter Throughout Your Job Search?

How Do You Make A Lasting Impression With Your Recruiter Throughout Your Job Search?

​How Do You Make A Lasting Impression With Your Recruiter Throughout Your Job Search?

27 August 2018, By Veronique Battour 


You are looking for a job and have decided to apply for a role with a recruiter. You have successfully obtained an interview with a recruiter but unfortunately you were unsuccessful going through to the next stage of meeting the potential employer. So the question is what happens next?

The benefit of connecting with a recruiter means you are exposed to a number of jobs that might not even go to market. As recruiters, we meet with many impressive candidates on a daily basis, therefore it’s important for you to make a lasting impression throughout your job search process.

Why? Because you will be on the forefront of our mind when a new role becomes available. Below we have listed some key attributes to focus on when dealing with your recruitment consultant.


Be open and honest, especially in regards to the questions below.

  • What is your ideal role?

The last thing we would want to do is put you in a role just for the sake of it. Our passion it to fit the right candidate in the right role, so both jobseeker and employer are happy.

  • Why/what made you leave your last role?

By asking this question, we are able to have a better understanding of your reason for leaving. Do you want more career progression, there is no opportunity to move up in the company, was there a restructure or redundancy or simply you want a change? If we know why you left it makes it easier for us to assist you.

  • Do you have any trips planned we should be aware of?

Everyone is entitled to a holiday, but keeping this a secret will not put yourself in a good position with your future employer when you tell them about it. Telling us in the first instance enables us to discuss your leave with the employer.

  • What are your non-negotiables?

Everyone has different working styles or particular things they want or do not want in their next workplace and role. Be clear about these facts.

Consistent Contact

This is a great way of keeping yourself at the forefront of our minds.

  • How often should I make contact? Should I contact my recruiter every day?

You can email or call your recruiter to check in, ideally once a fortnight. You will still be in frequent contact but not too much that it becomes annoying. It is not necessary to call every day or constantly send emails.

We highly recommend you continue your search. Set up notifications with your preferred job board platforms, such as Seek and Indeed. Also monitor your recruiter’s website. For instance, we frequently post new jobs on our website. You don’t want to rely on one person to find your ideal role. Being active in the market will certainly help you have an advantage over those candidates who aren’t.

Keeping an upbeat demeanour

We understand the job search process can become overwhelming, disheartening and a waiting game at times.

  • Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude, smiling over the phone all helps with your impression with your recruiter. You want to show us, whilst under pressure, you are able to maintain a calm and level headed attitude.

  • Professionalism

You will be building a relationship with your recruiter, as you will be in frequent contact with each other. However, it’s important to keep in mind this is a professional relationship, you want to demonstrate your ability to build rapport, yet remain professional with all the relationships you form.

You may only have seven seconds to make your first impression but your ability to maintain and grow your lasting impression is all up to you and how you conduct yourself. Next time you’re meeting with a recruiter implement these tips and you will leave a lifelong impression.

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