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Not All Roles Go To Market, As A Job Seeker How You Can Benefit From Making Connections With Recruiters.

​Not All Roles Go To Market, As A Job Seeker How You Can Benefit From Making Connections With Recruiters.

23 July 2018, By Jessica Inteman

 “This is the first time I have been to a recruitment agency”, a candidate said the other day. Surprisingly this is not unusual for us to hear. Our response is always the same…making connections with recruiters is beneficial because not all roles go to market.

More and more we are finding employers are seeking a quick turnaround with filling vacancies. In many cases these are filled with people we have previously met with, rather than being reliant on advertising response. Clients engage us for our connections and database of potential candidates to fill positions they have not been able to fill themselves.

By connecting with a Recruitment Consultant/Agency you are exposed to a number of roles and opportunities that might never go to market. It is advisable to Seek out networks with consultants who know your sector or job category.

Specialist Recruiters add value by;

  • Advising you on market trends;

  • Supporting you with career counselling;

  • Providing you with further information about the role and the potential employer;

  • Conducting a thorough interview with you that will prepare you for an interview with a potential employer;

  • Being an advocate on your behalf to the employer.

What you can do if you are active in the job market;

  • Outline for your recruiter what you are seeking in terms of your next role; what is your ideal next move, type of organisation, culture, location, salary etc. Essentially what we refer to as your “wish list”;

  • Update your LinkedIn settings to “currently seeking new opportunities” and recruiters will approach you directly about new job opportunities;

  • Communicate with your recruiter via email or LinkedIn to let them know when you are back in the market for a new job.

Meet with recruiters with the mindset that you have made a connection with them. If, for whatever reason, you are unsuccessful in the role that you applied for, they will be able to approach you directly when another suitable opportunity presents.

All introductions are good introductions and some of our candidates have been with us for over 10 years. Firstly as candidates, then they can become clients and candidates again. Over time, you may find your recruiter is not just someone who finds you a job but becomes a trusted advisor.


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